(Malisa - Club Founder)

Welcome to my web site. I love TaiChi and I'd like everyone to share my passion for it as well.

My introduction to TaiChi was accidental - previously I had a wrong understanding of it which put me off. Actually I didn't have the slightest clue! I thought there was only one sort of TaiChi, the one that old people do in the park - so slow.

Because I had done TaeKwonDo when I was younger this TaiChi seemed even more unappealing. Well, this was not the case when I started to learn the Chen style of TaiChi! I realised that there are different types - Chen style is the original fighting form of TaiChi. It seems I had chosen the right one for me by accident.

As I grow older I appreciate my body more and more. I think that TaiChi is the only martial art that I can keep using and learning until the last days of my old age. Certainly not TaeKwonDo. After a few years of practice I soon started really getting a lot out of it and wish I had started learning much earlier in my life.

Because I believe that this energetic form of TaiChi has so much to offer people I decided to share my skills and in 1999 started teaching this wonderful martial art-form here in Auckland.

Teaching is a very challenging task. I come to learn that a good teacher must also learn from the students. There is always more to know but I love the challenge and am dedicated to spreading Chen style.

I put in a lot of time for my own daily training so that I will continue to improve. Always looking for deeper understanding of the body and for better ways to teach the students. I really do feel I am making it easier for them to learn because I remember so clearly the difficulties I had when I started learning.

Learning TaiChi has not only given me better health and reduced/maintained my weight but it also built up my confidence and gave me a better outlook on life.

When I was a younger I loved competing in overseas TaiChi demonstration competitions (as I get to travel, meet lots of people from all over the place and learn faster by exposing myself to other exponents of TaiChi). Competitions really help to promote and improve the standard of TaiChi, mutual good will and especially encourages youngsters to participate.

Nowadays I want to concentrate spreading chen style TaiChi here in New Zealand with club teaching, local demos and talks. It is my hope to also encourage the more ambitious students to compete overseas too as I once did. Already some students are venturing with me to international competitions/conventions so as to broaden their knowledge and experience and also to just look around and have a good time.

I look foward to the day when the skill of my students will surpass my own; when they shall become fellow teachers and can help pass on this wonderful Chinese treasure to more and more New Zealanders.