Head Teacher/Founder Chen Taiji Centre NZ
Certificated Chen Village 20th Generation Teacher (Zhu Tian Cai)
Direct Disciple of Zhu Tian Cai (Chen Village China) - formally accepted March 2004.

Executive member Chin Woo Athletic Association (New Zealand)
Co-founding Organiser World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (Auckland Committee)
Member New Zealand National Tai Chi Chuan Association
Member Chin Woo Athletic Association (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Member Chenshi Taichicise (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Ng Malisa 2008
Master Yap 2003

Ng Malisa (born 1950s) grew up on the West coast of the Malay Peninsula. In her late teens moved to Kuala Lumpur and took up Taekwando - eventually winning Malaysian National titles. (She loved to spar with the boys and laughs that they were very scared of her fists).

Master Wong 2003

In the early 1980s the "new" Chen style TaiChi teaching came to Singapore in the person of Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai - one of the famous "Four Tigers" of Chen Village, China. Two Chinese Wushu Masters from Kuala Lumpur (amongst others) regularly came down to Singapore for training from him: 20th generation Masters Yap Hon Fei(Chin Woo) and Wong Sow Hong (Taijicise Centre). They eventually became adept enough to begin teaching Chen style in Kuala Lumpur. These were Malisa's original Chen teachers.

In 1999 Malisa settled in Auckland where she promptly founded her own club and began teaching at local community centres. The club has grown significantly since then. It administers a teacher certification programme and with the help of four other teachers now provides approx 25 weekly Chen Tai Chi classes around Auckland.

Master Wee Kee Jin 2009

Due to unavailability of local Chen masters adept in the higher Chen Tai Chi Push Hands skills Malisa initiated Push Hands training (2002) under Auckland based Yang style teacher, Wee Kee Jin (indoor student of renouned Huang Shen Shyan). Master Jin is internationally well known for his high level Push Hands skills. He generously agreed to help in this endeavour.


Discipleship Ceremony:
GMaster Zhu Tian Cai 2004

In 2004 Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai, known to Malisa from Malaysia), was invited by the club to NZ (his first time) to provide form and Push Hands workshops. At that time she was made a direct disciple (one of five women teachers to have received this honour from Master Zhu in his world-wide travels).


Sans Sou Training 2011

In 2009 the club received a visit from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang's oldest daughter (Director of her Father's International Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan Association). She was out here visiting her son who was studying in New Zealand at the time.

Malisa was fortunate to secure an invitation to study and train with one of GM Feng's senior Chinese teachers. Master Pan is his longest, and arguably closest and most experienced, disciple (he assists GM Feng in writing his Chinese Chen Taijiquan books).

Since 2010 Malisa has been travelling to Shanghai twice yearly for detailed Push Hands internal/applications skills training under Master Pan


Club Students Performing 2003

Knowledge of Chen style is spreading (not just in New Zealand) and TaiChi "newbies" are becoming more savvy and discerning of the different styles available.

The Club (with the help of senior members) now runs a variety of Chen style tai chi classes from Grey Lynn in the North to Papakura in the South. These classes attract a wide range of enthusiastic participants including European and Chinese Kiwis, teenagers and senior citizens and various ethnic community groups for a range of purposes: health, exercise, martial art skill.

Club at World TaiChi Day 2003

The Club is regularly sought after for assistance with demonstrations, talks, short courses, formal presentations, promotional days, cultural events and health exercise programmes by many different organisations (Govt health sector, ethnic or community groups, sporting institutions and coprorates). Our subsidised lessons target a wide audience (Chinese or European) including less advantaged groups and senior citizens.

This website, dedicated as an International Chen style Resource, went online mid 2000. The offer of free video clips (well before YouTube) proved very successful with 70 free Chen TaiChi video clips being downloaded by 45 interested visitors each day.

The Club operates an Internet based Tai Chi Discussion Forum with Chen style technical advice generously offered by International Chen author, Master Tu-Ky Lam of Wellington.

Presently Malisa devotes herself full-time to teaching public classes (both martial and health), training teachers, rigorous daily practise and promotion of the Chen family tai chi art-form in New Zealand and Australia.