Chenshi Taichicise

2004: New Home TaiChi Deck - time to relax!

The Appeal of Chen Style:
The more lively Chen style of Tai Chi is not well known in most European Countries - even though it is the original parent and fighting form of TaiChi from which the other better known styles have come.

As more and more European people find out about Chen style it is fast becoming a popular art-form and healthy lifestyle choice, not only for younger adults, but also senior citizens (who practise less vigorously), community groups, experienced Martial Artists (from both hard and soft traditions) and even professional dancers.

I believe Chen style has a lot to offer younger adults because training is more vigorous and energetic than the other Tai Chi styles more familiar to the average Kiwi. Chen style's unique "silk reeling" techniques add even more grace to those wonderfully "liquid", flowing movements that we all associate with Tai Chi.

Teaching Method:
Here in Auckland I promote Chen style by systematically teaching everything I know in an open and candid manner. As club members mature there is opportunity for further growth through exposure in public demonstrations, assistance in community teaching, workshops with quality visiting Chinese Masters and overseas trips to Chen style Conventions in Asian countries.

"Push hands" Training with Master Zhu

People take up Tai Chi for various reasons: relaxation, stress relief, mental discipline, self defence, health benefits, fitness, a beautiful art form, social contact or just to have a good time. That is what clubs are for and we cater for all these needs.

But my special hope is that some of our more talented members will have the ambition to represent New Zealand in international competitions or increase their skills by attending international conventions/workshops. These events provide wonderful exposure and open-mindedness to other TaiChi styles and are a great spur to ongoing training and learning. Of course its also great fun to go as a Club whether as competitors, learners or simply as tourists.