2.5Mb max size, "wmv" format, at least 320x240 & 15fps.
Do identify your Chen Form, lineage & how long you've trained in it.
(We cannot process videos that do not meet these criteria)

Zhu Tian Cai Fine Tuning Malisa's Sword Form.

You email us a short video clip of your chosen Chen style form.
Our Tai Chi experts will confidentially examine and assess your video.

We will email reply with a free "Bill of Health Report" report.
simply advises whether, in our humble opinion, your Form is where it should be with due regards to your present level of training.

If you get the "big tick" (i.e. we see a "Clean Bill of Health") then consider having another check-up in 12 months time.

If we strongly feel unable to give you the "big tick" you may at that point want to order our Comprehensive Report as below.

Of course you may want to order a Comprehensive Report right from the start if you want advice on particular issues you are having with your Form.

The Bill of Health Report, as above, is free.

The Comprehensive Report is a detailed appraisal of your execution and grasp of the Tai Chi basics (posture, alignment, mastery of internal skills etc) with due regard for your level of experience and training.

It will identify your strengths & weaknesses with suggestions for future training emphasis.
We can also advise on any particular concern you may have with your form.

If you practise one of our listed Chen Forms (Small & Thunder Forms excluded) we will also offer comment on your execution of the steps if they are similar to our "Chen Fake/Zhao Khui" style.

It is for anyone who has seriously trained in Chen style Tai Chi for at least 6 months.

For a Fresh, Confidential and Impartial Assessment.
  Two eyes are better than one, especially if you are not happy with your progress or some aspect of your Form.
Be confident that your are "On Track" and your hard training is not in vain but actually going somewhere.
They will learn more than we will ever know!
No access to a good Teacher?
Living in an area without regular access to a good Teacher? So who will keep you on course? It won't be the mirror!

Anyone with any experience of learning Tai Chi knows how quickly the rot sets in if there's no-one around to keep you honest.

when you've been doing something wrong for a long time its thrice the work to correct it later. Get your "ounce of prevention..." now if you find yourself in this difficult position.

Want a Second Opinion?

A time comes when the intelligent practicioner starts to wonder if his/her Teacher's corrections or refinements to their form/alignment etc is actually "on the ball."

This concern about one's Teacher's grasp of particular points in your own case is a natural stage in the journey of discipleship. Usually a student's fears are unfounded. Nevertheless when it comes to Medical Specialists a "Second Opinion" is quite acceptable. Why not do the same with your TaiChi Health.

Clear up those nagging doubts in a confidential manner and restore confidence in your Teacher's judgement/teaching.

But no one criticises my Form?

For some practicioner's "ego" is the great obstacle to efficient progress.

Sometimes unconscious isolation, sensitivity or even pride (the ego) stops us from really accepting or properly hearing the advice that our Teacher or colleagues politely attempt to give us. Eventually people may stop challenging us or even give false praise instead. So sometimes we naturally begin to think that we are god's gift to the martial arts ... while people smile.

The humbling fact for all of us is that we all need correction to progress so if this isn't happening then something's not right.

Here's a chance to test or maybe crack that hard "ego shell" for yourself in a helpful, independent and confidential manner. Don't be caught wearing "The Emporer's New Clothes."

Early Morning Summer Training
Progressed beyond your Teacher?

Perhaps you feel you have progressed beyond the skills of available Teachers in your locality. Let our experienced teachers check out your form and assist with any particular concerns you may have.

Sometimes the "ego" fools us into thinking we possess unrecognised talent when really we are going down a unique but ultimately unrewarding path. Let us help you stay on the Right Track.

We believe the following costs are very reasonable considering the level of expertise applicants are accessing and the time it takes to download & store your video (dial up modem), view, assess, write up and send off the associated report.

Brief Bill of Health Report: Free
First Comprehensive Report:
Successive Comprehensive Reports: US$30
(Payment is via the reputable "PayPal" online system - no extra fees)

WHO ARE THE "EXPERTS"? (click here to inspect their lineage)
Malisa Ng is the primary assessor of your video clip. If necessary she will draw on the considerable technical learning & experience of our Club Honorary Members listed below.

Malisa Ng - Certified (Chen Village) Chen Style Teacher & Direct Disciple of Master Zhu Tian Cai.
Tu-Ky Lam - Frequent contributor to "International T'ai Chi Magazine" & Technical Advisor to the Taichichen EGroup
Master Zhu Tian Cai - One of the internationally renowned "Four Tigers" from Chen Village where he is also a leading Teacher.

Malisa Ng Tu-Ky Lam Zhu TianCai