"I suffer from asthma had had a heart bypass 20 years ago. I have found taiChi extremely helpful, in that my asthma seems so much better and in general i am feeling very good. I am finding on my daily walks I am able to walk further without getting so out of breath...." (J.D.S.)

Back Problems
"At the time of starting these classes I was having trouble with my back and attending physiotherapy. For the last 3 months I have had no problems with back, stiffness in knees etc and gave also found the taichi of tremendous help in coping with stress levels." (M.H.)

Back and Sciatic Pain:
"After a dubious start I am happy to say that taichi has taught me to relax more. My biggest problem was my lower back and neck but now seldom suffer from that nagging sciatic pain down my left leg. Iam able to spend more time gardening without dire consequences..." (M.W.)

Heart ByPass:
"I had a triple bypass last September which took some time to recover from and I have found the taichi classes very beneficial. They seem to have improved my balance and given me a sense of well-being." (M.T.)

Malisa has carefully and thoroughly built up the classes stamina....I unfortunately have SLE (Lupus) which, in my case, affects my muscles and joints. The benefits of this exercise for me has been much greater flexibility and mobility, to the extent that my family are commenting on my improvement...." (P.M.)

"My lower back, neck and hips and knees which are all badly affected are now pain free. I am sleeping better, and my flexibility and coordination are improving every week. I am thrilled to be learning Taichi, which I had previously thought to be beyond someone my age to take up. (F.G.)"

"After suffering three strokes in two years my balance was severely impaired. I was compelled to use a stick even for movement within the house. Since starting Taichi (8 months ago) my balance has improved dramatically and I no longer carry a stick..." (J.W.)

"After I had a minor stroke I had noticed a decrease of strength in my right leg affecting my balance. While this is not yet as good as my left leg it has improved to the stage that I can now balance to wash and dry my feet and it continues to improve. " (J.M.)