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Welcome to the Community Groups section of our Website. I really enjoy giving these classes that a wide variety of organisations have asked us to host. These have proved very popular and everybody has a really great time. It is also a good opportunity for our senior students to learn how to teach because the people are so patient and helpful.

I myself learn so much from the older folk as well. They help in so many ways - like showing me how to explain things in good Kiwi English or providing feedback on how to adapt TaiChi to their various health conditions. They enjoy themselves immensely because we have lots of jokes and gossip. We are still serious with the Taichi - sometimes it is so enjoyable nobody really wants to stop. They also love our social outings and yearly Club events as well.

Our adapted TaiChi is really good for the older people whether it be managing arthritic pain, feeling more vital, strengthening legs/improving balance (reducing falls and bone breakages) or, on doctor's advice, for low impact strengthening exercises after surgery. I have many testimonies from the senior citizens about how they no longer rely on their walking stick, suffer considerably less arthritic pain or can now put their socks on very easily by themselves. Have a look at the "Testimony" link above.

Small ACC Class Outing - Chinese Dinner

This is the programme we ran under ACC's Thinksafe (Fall Prevention) initiative. It was a nationwide strategy aimed at those more than 65 years young. Its goal to reduce the large number of very preventable fractures and injuries (from falls) suffered by many of our senior citizens. Unfortunately this Fall Prevention programme is no longer free for seniors but it is subsidised by us and is still taught by the same experienced teachers.

Overseas studies, and data collected in New Zealand to date, show that Tai Chi lessons are very effective for increasing fitness & flexibility, improving balance and coordination, and increasing leg muscle strength in older folk - quite apart from numerous other health benefits.
Additionally we run a dedicated block course Tai Chi programme dedicated to Parkinson's members with great success.

Malisa has daytime, subsidised ACC classes around manukau Counties. New starters are welcome to join at any time - just come along and introduce yourself.


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- Click here for a 1996 research article on how Tai Chi can prevent falls.
- Click here for other Health benefits of doing TaiChi

Typical Tai Chi Class

There are now five main "flavours" of TaiChi in use today. Our Fall Prevention classes make use of the parent TaiChi tradition known as "Chen Style."
This style contains a simplified Four Step Routine and the exotic "Silk Reeling" art form.
These routines are ideal for senior citizens.
In addition to the above benefits these exercises...
- are easy to remember;
- provide a quick sense of accomplishment;
- the stances are wide and stable;
- "growing pains" (knees) that beginners sometimes encounter with the more complex routines are avoided.


As well as the "outer" exercises Malisa also teaches some of the ancient, "internal skills" of traditional Chen style which provide additional health benefits. Malisa learnt her internal skills from her Master, world-leading Chen stylist, Zhu Tian Cai. He is a senior teacher at Chen Village China - the birthplace of TaiChi. (Click here and here to learn more about him).

50 Students go out for Lunch
The Club regularly receives requests for talks and demonstrations which we are always happy to provide (see Community Talks/Demos on menu above) .
This group of Retirement
Villagers was so taken with their talk and demo that they decided to start up a group in their Village right away.

Being older does not mean being home-bound as Malisa discovered when she suggested a lunchtime excursion.

In conjunction with members from the above groups a strong turnout of around 50 enthusiastic attendees swooped down on a very nice local restaurant. Everybody had a great time not only because of the discounted prices and great food but also because of the opportunity to meet new friends. Quite a few had never been to a proper Chinese Restaurant before and had a wonderful time.

Doing the Chen TaiChi "Four Step"

Because of high demand from the senior citizens (also from those not eligible for ACC classes) we started these subsidised classes for any older adults who want to come along for serious TaiChi and lots of fun.

The classes are well attended and students keenly share in the various spontaneous Club social activities available.
Because participants tend to be a little more sprightly than ACC students Malisa takes the class more deeply into traditional TaiChi instruction and the Internal Skills for greater health benefits.

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Doing the TaiChi Warm-up Exercises

When the NZ Tamil Senior Citizens Association invited Malisa to give a demo and talk they weren't sure if TaiChi was right for them. However it turned out they were very happy with the talks and demos given by three of our ACC participants as well as Bill (Otahuhu Club), Leighton (younger Grey Lynn Club member) and Malisa.

So now they have a popular weekly class and already (3 months as at time of writing) they are seeing positive results.We are told this is the first time a Sri Lankan group in NZ has taken up TaiChi for health and they are pleased with the results.



TONGAN ELDERLY CLASS (Riverside Community Centre, Mt Wellington):
The Tongan Community was one of the first organisations who requested us to help them improve the health of their more frail elders. With the assistance of Otahuhu College we were able to provide a short, weekly TaiChi class for these deserving folk. Even those who are unable to stand for very long are able to join in from a sitting position with arm and torso exercises.

We have good fun singing together because some of the TaiChi movements (especially the arm ones) remind them of their cultural dances. When the classes first started some of the group would start saying "malo, malo" after about 15 minutes. I think this means "thankyou" so they were politely telling me they had had enough and time to go now! But nowadays I don't get the "malo" until the class is finished. And even though there is not a lot of English spoken we do get on very well with body language and lots of laughing.

Tongan Community Class
Teacher: Malisa Ng
Phone: (09) 266 7473 (leave a message)