Chinese Consulate Function 2005

Community groups regularly request TaiChi presentations and talks which we really enjoy doing. I think these are very poular because we like to keep things informal. We encourage audience participation by getting everyone to stand up and learn a short Tai Chi exercise or encouraging questions .Its always fun to ask for volunteers from the audience to show how Tai Chi is also useful for self-defence.

Lantern Festival 2004

People expecially love the spectacular weapons demos such as the Red Fan or the Two Edged Sword Routines. We make these really "family affairs" and our students (both young and old) enjoy coming along too to demo or testify to the health benefits they have received since starting Tai Chi.

These occasions are really good opportunities to spread wider understanding of this energetic Chen style Tai Chi and a deeper insight into Chinese Culture.

All sorts of groups love these presentations ranging from Government Agencies, Libraries, Older Folks clubs and Retirement Villages to Chinese New year celebrations, Community Events, Ethnic groups, Art Gallery and Chinese Consulate functions.

Howick Probus Club

And the reasons we are asked to talk or perform can vary from a relaxing interlude at an Annual Conference to a lively talk & demo to encourage senior citizens to join a TaiChi class and become more active.

Feel welcome to give us a call if you want to explore the possibilities of a presentation at your function or a talk/demo with your social group.

Teacher: Malisa Ng
Phone: (09) 266 7473 (leave a message)