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The following materials will help you understand the wide range of health benefits which Western medicine is now discovering are associated with the regular practice of TaiChi. Chinese practicioners have of course known these things for centuries!

These benefits include: joint mobility, higher energy levels, significiantly improved balance and coordination, expanded respitory capacity for asthma and emphysema sufferers, strengthened circulatory and immune systems, more restful sleep - to say nothing of mental health benefits for complaints ranging from depression and insomnia to stress and anxiety.

Popular Senior Citizens' class in Howick
Many Governmental health Authorities (New Zealand included) are starting to make use of Taichi for significantly improving health outcomes for senior citizens (fall prevention) and arthritis sufferers.

New Zealand's ACCs Nationwide TaiChi Programme for fall Prevention
Benefits of the "Silk Reeling" exercises.
TaiChi and Living with Chronic Pain
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Medical Research
Health Issue Comments
Fall Prevention Excellent results for balance, coordination and upper leg strenthening. Effectively used by government health agencies in various countries to prevent falls and fractures.
Rehabilitation Exercise Just as effective as moderate Aerobics (eg %HRR) yet low impact and gentle.
Lung Function In a study of 84 people whose average age was 64, those who practiced tai chi regularly over two years had less of a decline in lung function than those who were more sedentary.
Respiratory/Allergies Excellent low respiratory rate exercise for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Arthritis Reduces pain and keeps sufferers mobile
Osteoporosis Provides weight-bearing exercises to encourage building bone mass
Anxiety & Depression Preliminary scientific study reports that tai chi may help to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue.
High Blood Pressure Dr. D. Young from Johns Hopkins University was surprised to find that t'ai-chi significantly reduced blood pressure.
Diabetes II A Nanjing University study found that Tai Chi exercise helped to regulate metabolic disorder of type 2 diabetes mellitus with geriatric obesity by regulating the nervous-endocrine system in the body.
Immune System Researchers at the University of California have shown that behavioral interventions and integrative exercise programs such as tai chi can have a direct, positive effect on the immune system in older adults.
Coronary Heart Disease Beneficial exercise and improved quality of life for those with ailing or damaged heart.
Surgical Recovery Excellent gentle exercise.