New Zealand TaiChi (all styles) Indices:

NZ Martial Arts Directory

- NZ martial arts directory by Waldo Kuipers

- NZ martial arts directory

The Wikipedia Project - Excellent survey of the world of Chen style in this famous free encyclopedia
Australian Chen Style Clubs:: - Brisbane - Free Community TaiChi (Simplified Yang & Chen)
Chen Style Taijiquan - Perth - Chong & Jas, lineage of Zhu Tian Cai.
Chen Style Taijiquan Academy - Melbourne - Wu Shi Zeng (Peter), strong Hong Jun Sheng lineage

Other Overseas Chen Style Clubs::

British Chen Style Tai Chi College

- Lineage of Chen Zheng Lei

Chenjiagou Taijiquan - New York

- Lipyeow Lim's Webpage (Zhu Tian Cai) - free videos

Chen Family Taijiquan Ass. - Japan

- Chen Peishan, son of Chen Lixian & Chen Liqing.

Chen Taijiquan - San Francisco

- Paul Chou (his Taiwanese Master was a student of Chen Fake).

Chen Tai Chi LHQ - Argentina - Run by Jose Luis Arnedo

Chen Taijiquan - Singapore

- Foo Shang Wee (lineage of Zhu Tian Cai)

Chen Style TaiChi Notebook - Italy

- Eugene's Website (lineage Chen Xiao Wang, Zhu Tian Cai)

Chen Taijiquan - Czeckoslovakia

- Lineage of Zhu Tian Cai (Czeckoslovakian)

Chen Taijiquan - Singapore - Foo Shang Wee, trained under a variety of notable Chen Masters

Chen Style TaiChi - Los Angeles

- Strong connection to Chen Village

Chen Style TaiChi - Texas

- Cheng Jincai, disciple of ChenZhaokui

Chen TaiChi Centre - Manchester

- Liming Yue, strong Chen Village connection

Chen Qingzhou M.Arts - USA

- Lineage of Chen Qingzhou (student of Chen Zhaopei)

Chen Taiji Academy - England

- Wang Hai-Jun, lineage of Chen Zheng Lei

Chen Style Tai Chi - Housten USA - Cheng Jincai, well known in USA, a student of Chen Zhaokui
Chen Style Taijiquan - Kansas USA - Chen Huixian, Chen Zheng Lei lineage
Chen Tai Chi - Gdynia, Poland - Tomek's Chen style School, student of Chen Xiao Wang
Chen Taijiquan Assctn - Pennsylvania USA - Frank Shierry, strong Chen Li Qing (Small Frame) lineage
Chen Xiao Wang World Tai Chi Federation - Official website of Chen Xiao Wang, principal Standard Bearer of the Chen Taiji lineage
Chen Xiao Xing - Chen Village - Official website of Chen Xiao Xing (younger brother of CXW), Head Teacher Chen Village

Chen Style TaiChi - Germany

- Chen Xili, lineage of Chen ZhengLei

Chen Family Taiji - San Francisco

- Wong Wai Yi, lineage of Chen QingZhou/Chen Zhaopei.

Chen ZhaoKui Martial Arts - Boston

- Marvin Spivack, disciple of Chenyu (Chen Zhaokui's son)

Hunyuan Taiji Academy - Canada - Chen Zhonghua, lineage of Hong Jun Sheng/Feng Zhiqiang

Int. Chen Style Taiji Ass. - New York

- Ren Guang-Yi, a senior disciple of Chen Xiaowang

Ji Hong TaiChi - Canada

- Good links on the health benefits of Tai Chi

Kam Lee Chinese Arts - Florida

- Kam Lee is a direct disciple of Zhu Tian Cai

Tai Chi Healthways - San Diego USA - Jesse Tsao, trained under many Chen Masters
Tai Chi Hartamas - Kuala Lumpur - Francis Chan, disciple of Zhu Tian Cai, in Malaysia
True TaiChi - USA - Stephan Berwick, student of Ren Guang Yi

Sites with Lots of Chen Resources:

Chen Style Taijiquan Resources - Herb Rich's highly respected collection of Chen style info.

Chen Style Taijiquan Notepad

- Cristoph Weinmann's rambling but very worthwhile Chen references.

China from Inside

- Jarek, in China since the 1990's, valuable Chen info for Westerners.

Cloud Hands - California USA

- Michael Garofalo's Website is rambling but well worth a visit

Yang Style TaiChi - Canada

- Helpful quick intro into TaiChi, Chen Family lineage & developments

Sites with More Chen Style Links:

American Chen TaiChi Association

- Founded by Yan Gaofei, disciple of Chen Quanzhong (19th Generation).

Rochester Chen Style - New York

- Lineage of Chen Xiao Wang

Xiao Jia

- French, lots of good links and other resources (Small Frame).

World TaiChi & QiGong Day

- Bill Douglas (founder of World TaiChi & QiGong Day)


Lee Scheele's Personal Notepad

- Selecting a teacher and other articles.

North West TCC USA

- Many varied articles, mostly on medical/sports aspects of TaiChi.

China From Inside

- Look down the bottom of this page (Chen style) - great stuff.


- Some weighty Chen articles on Push Hands, Silk Reeling etc.

- Interview with MaHong (indoor student of Chen ZhaoKui)

Herb Rich's Site

- Interviews & articles from the Chen heavyweights


- Chen Qingzhou, training with the Tai Chi sphere

Online Chen Discussion Groups/Forums:


- 450+ members, lively Chen discussion kosted by Malisa Ng & Tu-ky Lam


- Hosted by Frank Shiery

EmptyFlower - On the ball discussions with dedicated video, teachers and events forums

Tai Chi Publications:

TaiChi Magazine

- International Magazine (California based) all styles.