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The Club is keen and trains seriously but the atmosphere is warm and informal. Malisa teaches in a friendly and open manner, readily sharing all her experience and the little tips and tricks learnt from her many years of intensive training and competition under a number of Masters.

The Club has fun with socialising opportunities, public demos, assistance in teaching various community groups, Workshops from overseas Masters and yearly overseas Club trips as you wish.

Students learn the "outward" forms as indicated below. Of course everybody is different. Some will learn in a shorter time, others will take longer.

Many students are quite happy to just come along to the club and enjoy the health and social benefits of TaiChi at an informal, "external" level. Yet regular practice of the outer form (with time, encouragement and perserverence) will "draw out" internal energy and this presents an opportunity to advance further. This is a subtle experience and, to start with, requires guidance from an experienced practicioner. A practiced eye can readily discern the manifestation of internal energy within the external form.

Provision is made for beginners to join at anytime in most venues. The first class is free you can have a go and see if it is for you - we think you will enjoy it.
Keep an eye out for the Club's occassional more intensive 10 week block courses especially aimed at Beginners. This is based on the "Four Step Chen Form" mentioned below.

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"Four Step Chen Form"- Easy Chen for busy people:
From elsewhere you will understand that Traditional Chen style requires learning all the 74 movements of the Old Frame One which is a big ask for beginners. We are now launching (see timetable) the "Four Step Chen Form" adapted by Master Zhu TianCai from Old Frame One. (It takes the four foundational movements from Old Frame One that most clearly accord with the 13 essential TaiChi principles enunciated in the ancient TaiChi writings).

So beginners can be up and achieving and able to practice at home in no time at all. This makes entry into the full Routine considerably easier and more enjoyable. We may launch teaching of the more comprehensive "Thirteen Step Chen Form" as a further intermediary step in the near future.

Experienced Chen stylists will also be able to benefit from a shorter routine that's easier to fit into busy lives.

Weekend Training

Older Adults:
Though Chen style is the original energetic martial form of Taichi it is still very suitable for older persons even if you are totally unfit. The starting routines in fact are slower, gentle and smooth - one cannot succeed in the energetic, higher levels without a deep foundation in Chinese relaxation techniques. You go at your own pace and can tone down the more vigorous movements to your own level as Malisa will demonstrate. Those who are really unfit begin with the highly effective Chinese Standing/Breathing exercises.

ACC has found Malisa's Chen style TaiChi to be very effective in their fall prevention programme for senior citizens.

Disciplines presently Available:
- Breathing/Standing exercises (Zhan-Zhuan)
- Silk Reeling Exercises
- Four/Thirteen Step Chen Form
- Old Frame (Routines I and II)
- New Frame (Routines I and II)
- Competition Set (56)
- Short Form (38)
- Push Hands (to intermediate level)
- Weapons (Sword, Broad Sword, Spear, Staff, Fan).

Public Teaching Method:
Level 1: Easy Chen for Busy People Beginners Programme
- Silk Reeling Exercises & 4 Step Chen Form - 10 week block course
- Zhan Zhuan (Standing/Breathing exercises) & 13 Step Chen Form
Level 1: Old Frame One - 6 months for outward Form.
Level 2: Old Frame Two - 6 months for outward Form.
Level 2: Push Hands.
Level 3: Student's Choice (Weapons, New Frames)

Private Tuition:
Private Tuition is available (at the home of either student or Tutor) by arrangment.
Weekend tai chi "homestay" is a possibility for overseas visitors.