* The following independent teachers/clubs are not certificated by CTC (Malisa Ng or Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai)
yet are closely associated by personal ties of friendship and mutual collaboration.


Club Details

CTC Association Status

Tu-Ky Lam (Traditional Chen Style, Wellington New Zealand)
Long time Wellingtonian Tu-ky Lam is well known for his articles in "International Tai Chi Magazine" (Wayfarer) and is also technical advisor to one of the bigger Yahoo Chen style Tai Chi discusion groups.

Website & Lineage
Email: tukylam at

* Technical Advisor to CTC's Yahoo Chen Taijiquan web discussion Group
* Interpreter for CTC events

Kelvin Sim (Shen Yuan Chen Taijiquan, Auckland New Zealand)
A senior student of Chen Taichi-cise, Kelvin has started teaching on the North Shore. Kelvin has a background in Yang style and Taekwan-do.

Email: ksth45 at

* A senior student of CTC
* Regular attendee of CTC hosted workshops (Malisa Ng, Zhu Tian Cai)

Dr Denis Walker (Traditional Chen Taijiquan, Christchurch New Zealand.)
Local Christchurch figure Denis Walker runs a Chen style Tai Chi club that meets once weekly. Denis has a background in Yang and Sun Tai Chi styles as well as translating Chinese Taijiquan texts into English.

PHONE: +643 329 4211
Email: vaucluse at

* Founded with CTC assistance.
* Host's CTC workshops each year
* Regular attendee of CTC hosted workshops (Malisa Ng, Zhu Tian Cai)